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Innovative Biosafety e-learning Platform for Mozambique

AUDA-NEPAD ABNE held an online meeting with Mozambique biosafety team on May 6th, 2021. The meeting was chaired by Prof. Dr Daniel Nivigara, Mozambique Minister of Science and Technology, and Higher Education. The objective of the meeting was to share information on biosafety e-Learning modules for roll out within the selected member States, including Mozambique.

In his opening remarks, Hon. Minister Nivigara thanked AUDA-NEPAD for the support provided to Mozambique over the past years. He stated that Mozambique is a young country and indeed needs capacity building. He also acknowledged that biotechnology is one of the country’s priorities and therefore there is a need to implement adequate measures for Mozambican interests.

During the meeting, the ABNE team presented the key features of the e-learning platform developed by ICGEB in collaboration with the AUDA-NEPAD technical staff as resource people. The e-modules will be administered to all Member States in Africa through AUDA-NEPAD. All the major aspects of biotechnology regulations are encompassed in the seven different modules: Risk Analysis, Containment and confinement, Biosafety regulatory frameworks, GMO Food Safety, Biosafety and Biosecurity, and Socioeconomic considerations.

“We need to harness science and experience from other countries. Mozambique should be involved in experience sharing networks for staff capacity building and effective resource mobilisation” Minister Nivigara went on to state. The Minister also pointed out that Mozambique will need laboratories for scientific research that could meet the current international standards, reiterating that he wishes to continue to have frequent and productive exchanges with AUDA-NEPAD.

Dr Jeremy Ouedraogo, Head of ABNE, congratulated the Minister for his appointment to this position. He wished him a successful implementation of his mission. He also presented AUDA-NEPAD ABNE mission and activities in Africa and assured the Minister that the mandate of the agency is to build the capacities of African countries in safely harnessing science, technology and innovation opportunities, and ABNE will continue to provide the necessary technical support to Mozambique. Dr Ouedraogo also elucidated the need to improve the current memorandum of understanding that guides the activities of both parties, for better delivery services.

This platform is meant to strengthen critical mass of biosafety experts that could adequately help the countries to make informed decisions on the safety of biotechnology products. A similar meeting with the biosafety team in eSwatini was held earlier, and this meeting was the second of a series of meetings to be held with African biosafety authorities on this innovative capacity building opportunity. For this pilot phase, a few countries will be concerned but the ultimate goal is to cover the entire continent within the next four years

Source:AUDA-NEPAD Communication Unit

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