Thursday, May 28, 2020

Imbizo Yethu Foundation invests in early childhood development


While many may not feel a focus on education at such a young age is necessary, experts have weighed in saying we need to stimulate children to ensure school readiness for when they do start grade R. Stats SA recently released their general household survey revealing 63% of children do not attend a daycare centre, crèche, early childhood development centre, nursery school or pre-primary school to focus on school readiness. Stats SA Chief Director, Isabelle Schmidt, told SABC News, many children aged 0-4 years are not exposed to early childhood stimulation due to socio-economic factors.

South Africa’s first democratically elected President Nelson Mandela, was affectionately referred to as the “father of the nation” because of the love and support he had shown to children around the world. “Our children are our future and one of the basic responsibilities is to care doe them in the best and most compassionate manner possible,” said Mandela.

Imbizo Yethu Foundation, which was established by Ashley Barberis in 2012 to support vulnerable, orphaned and abused children. The foundation recognized the need to provide a high standard of education for the children of the local community and has built the Imbizo Bambinos ECD Centre which opens the beginning of 2020

The brand-new pre-primary school will provide a nurturing, stimulating, and safe environment with qualified and caring staff for 42 children in three classes. The organization aims to create a safe and exciting learning environment that intellectually nurtures and grows our children to their full potential through the structured educational programme.

According to another report released by Statistics South Africa based on the findings of the General Household Survey data, development of a child begins as early as the start of a woman’s pregnancy and good nutrition and medical care for the mothers is therefore essential in order for her to deliver a healthy baby. Children in poor households may, therefore, start life at a disadvantage and can fall further behind their more advantaged peers throughout their lifecycle.



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