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ICT divide bridged by donation

As an efforts to bridge the digital divide, Gaborone — Botswana Fibre Networks (BoFiNet) together with Huawei has donated ICT equipment worth P450 000 to Gaborone Senior Secondary School.

On 30 March, Minister of Transport and Communications Mr Thulagano Segokgo spoke at the presentation and said the donation fulfilled the Maitlamo Policy which is aimed at making Botswana a globally competitive, knowledge and information-based society.

The minister also noted that the donations comprised of 10 note pads, 20 computers and Internet connectivity worth P150 000. The policy highlighted the ThutoNet programme pivotal to the provision of literacy, skills and knowledge required for both formal and non-formal learners.

As Segokgo explained, the programme’s aim was to provide all schools in Botswana with modern computers and Internet access at all times as a way of supporting education.

“As part of this programme, all teachers will be trained on how to use ICT as a classroom tool and formal ICT education will be introduced into the school curriculum to help prepare the nation’s children for success in the digital age,” Segokgo concluded

Since December 2010, some schools were connected through different programmes although many still needed to be provided with modern ICT facilities to promote e-learning. However, one of the programme’s initial targets was to have all schools and libraries connected with computers and Internet.


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