Thursday, October 22, 2020
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Humanity United commits $40 million to address power imbalances


Humanity United has announced a three-year $40 million commitment in support of its two programmatic portfolios, Peacebuilding and Forced Labor and Human Trafficking.

The commitment will support work within the portfolios with an approach centered on addressing power imbalances in complex systems and strengthening the agency of those most impacted by such imbalances. The commitment includes $18 million in support of peacebuilding efforts, including work to reform structures within national and global policy organizations so they are more responsive to local needs and efforts to strengthen the wider peacebuilding field, and $22 million to address power imbalances that enable and embolden human exploitation and forced labor, including efforts to boost worker agency, accelerate corporate accountability for fair labor practices, and expand safer labor migration pathways.

“In this moment of suffering and uncertainty, we at Humanity United strive to be in service to those most in need. This includes people and communities impacted by human exploitation and violent conflict, as well as our many partners, allies, and grantees around the world,” said Humanity United managing partner Srik Gopal. “Our programmatic portfolios build on over a decade of experience in these fields and are focused on cultivating peace and freedom for some of the most vulnerable people among us.”

Source: “Humanity United’s Commitment.” Humanity United press release 09/23/2020.

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