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Helping Entrepreneurs find their why

The age-old question of knowing your why was the title of the latest virtually held Entrepreneurs Workshop that saw business owners from throughout South Africa Zooming in to listen to and field questions to the panel. Margaret Hirsch (Hirsch’s Executive Director) and Marlene Powell ( a top Business Coach with ActionCOACH) created a discussion with guest speaker Harry Welby-Cooke, the Master Franchisor of ActionCOACH South Africa and their virtual audience were left in no doubt that they could get through this difficult period in our history – and thrive.

Harry started the session off by congratulating Margaret and Marlene for the time put in to hosting the virtual workshops every week since the start of the pandemic – and before that, once a month. “It’s people like Margaret and Marlene who are selflessly helping entrepreneurs to overcome challenges in their businesses who will ultimately help change the face of business in the country.” He said.

He pointed out that every course of action that we take and action we set starts with a decision. “When you go back to finding your why, it needs to be personal to you. What gets you up in the morning? What do you love doing? Where do you want to make a dent in the universe? The most successful companies in the world have made their WHY about their customers and their employees. About finding out more about their customers and what they need. About making employees feel special and cared for. About taking the priority away from self and make it about the other person.”

Marlene Powell pointed out that our feelings often determine our business’s strength. “Whatever we are feeling is going to have a direct impact on our business. It is so important to feel motivated and to get up every morning knowing why we are in business and how the success of our business will impact our personal lives and the lives of the people around us. You need to know what your ultimate vision is for the business.”

Margaret concluded by adding that you need to find out exactly what is important to you? If you don’t feel the emotion, then perhaps it’s not for you. “Do what you love and the rest will flow.

Be mindful of why you do what you do. Money doesn’t last, passion does. Do not chase money, attract money.”

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