Monday, November 30, 2020
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Growbox ensures food security for locals


The Coronavirus national lockdown highlighted the need for food in the country’s most vulnerable communities. Growbox Founder oF Growbox, Renshia Manuel who is passionate about sustainable vegetable, has decided to share the concept of sustainable farming with Cape Flats and Hanover Park residents.

“The fact that millions have lost their jobs or are trying to find alternative incomes, due to fewer working hours or rising food prices, makes us want to do even more to make a difference in our communities,” said Manuel. She aims to launch a fully-fledged vegetable production farm, called the Urban Farmers’ Market, on 1 November.

The first project phase is the farming area, in which vegetables are being grown organically. “A portion of this harvest will be supplied to soup kitchens within the community, but the bulk will be sold at economical prices to the local community. By cutting out vegetable agents and transportation costs, we can sell at prices locals can afford,” noted Manuel.

The market will cater to low-income households that cannot afford store-bought produce and will provide a safe, family-friendly and holistic place for economic opportunities for the vendors.“The market will also provide members of the community with sustainable farming skills. Those financially affected by the pandemic will gain experience in farming produce and selling it at the market,” added Manuel.

The local community has been involved from the start of the project.“When we first needed to excavate the site for farming, there was so much community interest that we invited four local non-governmental organisations to assist when we started planting and their support is overwhelming and their members assist us on planting days” said Manuel.

The community is also involved in the Urban Farmers’ Market, as all committee members are from the local community.“We encourage locals to pop by and visit. They can assist with planting or sowing or spend some quiet time away from their busy schedule. If they are looking for advice for their own garden, we are happy to assist. We always have extra pairs of gloves on standby,” concluded Manuel.

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