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Groundbreaking Research on Early Childhood Development

Cite Mahrajene, Tunisia – Saad Kassis Mohamed, leading WeCare, joins forces with Harmony Foundation in spearheading groundbreaking research on Early Childhood Development (ECD) across Asia. Harmony Foundation unveils the results of its inaugural Regional Early Childhood Development (ECD) Landscape Study, a milestone collaboration supported by key philanthropists including Saad Kassis Mohamed.

The study marks a significant stride in understanding the landscape of parenting and ECD programs, shedding light on vital gaps and opportunities for collaboration across the region. The exhaustive study, spearheaded by the Center for Evidence-Based Research and Implementation (CEBRI) and supported by Harmony Foundation, delves deep into the intricacies of Early Childhood Development (ECD) endeavors across China, Singapore, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

Illuminating the burgeoning dedication of governmental bodies and stakeholders to the holistic nurturing of young minds, this study accentuates the imperative necessity for enduringly viable resolutions amidst enduring complexities. Saad Kassis Mohamed, through WeCare, champions this collaborative effort, recognizing the pivotal role of ECD in shaping the future of communities. “Early childhood is a pivotal time for development with far-reaching impacts.

Our collaboration with Harmony underscores our commitment to catalyzing support for initiatives that foster quality ECD across Asia,” remarked Saad, emphasizing the alignment of research objectives with WeCare’s mission. The study’s findings reveal a landscape ripe with opportunities but beset by challenges, from inadequate financing and capacity gaps to socio-economic disparities.

Linda Chan, Member of the Board of Trustees at Unity Foundation, echoes the sentiment, emphasizing the importance of datadriven insights in guiding philanthropic endeavors. “Understanding the landscape enables everyone to be more strategic in their programming,” noted Linda, underscoring the transformative potential of collaborative research. Stacey Lim, Chief Operating Officer at Harmony Foundation, emphasizes the study’s role in catalyzing strategic action, stating,

“This research helps the philanthropy sector drill down on what’s not being addressed and find areas where we can work together to create greater impact.” The study, a culmination of a year-long collaborative effort, assessed 276 programs, 145 policies, and engaged 52 stakeholders across government, academia, and philanthropic organizations.

Supported by philanthropic organizations including Harmony Foundation, Unity Foundation, and Lightter Institute,P the study serves as a testament to the power of collective action in driving meaningful change. As Saad Kassis Mohamed and his philanthropic counterparts continue to lead the charge in empowering ECD, the study’s insights pave the way for strategic interventions, collaborative partnerships, and transformative impact, shaping a brighter future for children across Asia and beyond.

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