Tuesday, April 13, 2021

16 August 2017

At a recent lekgotla held by the ANC, a proposal has been put forward to grant students who come from homes that earn an annual income of R150 000 – R600 000 free education. For the ones who come from higher earning homes of R600 000 and more, they can receive subsidies, grants, and loans. This all applies to the condition that the students maintain a very high academic prowess.

Vice chancellor of the renowned Ivy league University of Witwatersrand(WITS) Professor Adam Habib reiterated that with our present higher education structure free education will construct a situation where there is free education but poor facilities and and academic content. He also relayed the message that institutions need the fees in order to function efficiently thus providing quality education.

Speaking to Eric Hanushek as Social-TV we found that free education in South Africa would cost the already embattled economy between 10 – 20 billion rands a year. Leaving a heavy deficit in the states finances. The proposal is said to be implemented as soon as 2018 and many economists are very wary of the subject as they perceive it to only focus on very select few.

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