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‘Fragrance Your Life’ With A Clean You Can Smell

You can be transported by the trace of a scent like perfume or petrol and mom’s famous Sunday lunch and suddenly you will be overcome by a rush of memories relating to that aroma. This begs the question ‘What is it about smells that can trigger memories so strong that it feels like you’re being taken back in time?’

Research shows that odours are especially effective as reminders of past experiences, much more so than cues from other senses, such as sights or sounds. One of the reasons we may experience this is because the smell-analysing region in your brain is closely connected to the part of the brain that handles memory and emotion*.

The Sunlight 2in1 ‘Fragrance Your Life’ TV Series is hosted by two of South Africa’s best female actresses and comedians – Thembsie Matu and Nomsa Buthelezi. Over the next few weeks, these two ‘Mamzos’ will travel across the country to help everyday people with their odour problems using Sunlight 2in1 Handwashing Powder.

Lerato Dumisa, Brand Manager for Sunlight Fabric Solutions at Unilever South Africa says, “The intention of the TV show is to engage with South Africans about the various laundry challenges they face daily. As much as the show is light-hearted and sometimes humorous, we also wanted to showcase the power of fragrance and memory by accentuating the scents with the three Sunlight 2in1 Handwashing powder variants.”

Sunlight 2in1 Handwashing Powder has three variants – Tropical, Spring and Lavender Sensations which is gentle on your garments but best of all they all leave your clothes with a clean wash, you can smell.

Sunlight 2in1 and the Mamzo’s will be going across the country to host consumer activations where there will be prizes up for grabs which will also give them a chance to share a variety of handy hints and tips for handwashing. Be sure keep an eye out for one near you.

Catch the ‘Fragrance Your Life’ TV show every Thursday at 9:25pm exclusive to eTV and follow the conversation on social media using #SunlightStories #FragranceYourLife and tag @SunlightZA on both Facebook and Instagram

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