Thursday, November 26, 2020
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Fire victims to get counselling to get over trauma


In an effort to help and support the fire victims in Namibia, the African Counsellors Social Development Association (ACSDA) has offered counselling sessions to help the people get through the trauma they went through.

Walvis Bay Otweya residents who lost their belongings in a fire will receive counselling as confirmed by ACSDA. In collaboration with the Municipality of Walvis Bay and the Erongo regional governors’ office, ACSDA has embarked on the programme to equip residents with recovery and coping mechanisms.

When interviewed, ACSDA president Saltiel Kalola said: “Ultimately people can reach a stage of acceptance and become able to move beyond disbelief, bitterness and sadness. These services will spring forth positive feelings which begin to re-emerge as the focus shifts towards the future. Safety, security and comfort are regained, and life moves forward once again.”

People need counselling for different reasons that include shock, anger, depression and hopelessness as said by ACSDA. The counselling will be conducted at a household level to ensure optimal effectiveness of the process.

“The training includes basic skills in courses such as joinery and carpentry, hospitality, occupational health and safety as well as entrepreneurial to enable them to face the future.About 300 residents at the settlement are set to benefit from the programme, which will be conducted on a weekly basis up to the end of the year. The organisation will also provide training to 140 youths,” ACSDA concluded.


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