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Final Stretch for 67 Blankets World Record, Only 279 Blankets to go

Last year,Carolyn Steyn and Jaco Lötter spent their Women’s Day working on the next big world record plan for 67 Blankets. The plan has swung into full motion as 67 Blankets “Knit-Wits” have been working hard to knit and crochet blankets to help make the world’s largest Springbok Blanket portrait. They need to make over 2700 blankets in a variety of colours.

Once the blanket has been made and the record set, the best part is that it will be dismantled and donated to children’s homes, elderly care homes, and other charitable organisations.During a live stream back in August 2020, Steyn announced that the Springbok blanket would be constructed at Siya Kolisi’s old school Grey College and that Siya will also be getting involved in the project.

This will not be the first time that these enthusiastic KnitWits set a world record. They have previously knitted the world’s largest blanket portrait of Mandela (which was visible from space) and also knitted the world’s longest scarf.
They are so close to reaching this goal as the blankets are arriving at headquarters by the boxload. Already tests are being done to see how the team can transport blankets from HQ to Grey College. The giant pattern is being sewn together 27 blankets at a time.

Take a look at the graphic to see which blankets are still needed. People taking part in the massive event are really starting to get excited. It is closer to the day that the record-breaking blanket portrait will be made. You can join the cause and become a KnitWit via their Facebook group, click here to participate:

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