Sunday, November 29, 2020
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FIFA takes a stand against crowd racism


FIFA has amended its disciplinary code allowing referees to end a game should the crowds conduct racist and other discriminatory acts.

Following decades of “monkey chants” and banana peels being thrown at players on the field, FIFA has decided to take an active stand against racism.

On 11 July 2019, the association announced an amended disciplinary code which includes rules that are intended to curb racism and discrimination. The code stipulates that referees are authorized to end a game as a forfeit, granting a win to the visiting team, should there be persistent racism in the stands. This would be done only after an initial warning to the crowd has been announced. The warning is then followed by the referee pausing the game should the racist chants persist. Finally, the referee must end the game should the crowds not heed to the previous warnings.

In addition to the amended rules, the disciplinary code has increased the penalty for players who engage in racist and discriminatory behaviour on the field. Players found guilty of such behaviour will be suspended for a minimum of 10 games.

Read the 2019 FIFA Disciplinary Code here :

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