Friday, June 5, 2020
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Facebook bridges the gap during social distancing.


The rapid rise of the coronavirus has led an increase to the digital connection  of friends and family through the internet , Facebook has been one of the engines bridging the social gap during this social distancing era.

Through Facebook, people have been able to watch sermons, meetings and live entertainment shows that are been hosted online. Again through Facebook, #imstaying movement has made means to raise funds to a 400,000 populated township in Cape Town named Mfuleni.

The movement aims at helping the Mfuleni community as it has low access to healthy food and even medicine. Most of the people in the area are old and vulnerable to the spreading pandemic. It is through the Facebook page that people will seek emotional support during this devastating period.

Even though social gatherings have been banned, people can still be brought together through social media as already been proven by Facebook. Over 1, 9 million of people have shown positive response in trying to help the Mfuleni Township on Facebook.

Not only Facebook is bringing people together in helping fight the COVID-19. Through instagram too, Inmyung Girls High in South Korea also raised money for COVID-19 relay donation campaign via an instagram hash tag campaign.

“We hope that in line with our mission, our platform continues to give people the power to build community and bring the world close together,” said one of the #imstaying movement members.



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