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Empowering women globally is the key to end abuse

A series of women abuse incidents by prominent people are a cause for concern in SA. For instance, the Deputy Minister of Higher Education publicly beating a women in a nightclub, sports presenter Marks Maponyane beating his former wife,record label owner Arthur Mafokate beating and badly injuring his girlfriend and Zimbabwean first lady Grace Mugabe assaulting a women in a Sandton hotel, are the many ghastly and atrocious actions that have been directed towards  women in the country.  The underlying cause of these actions is that women are not economically empowered which makes them easy preys for  abuse.

The other factor is that our world is largely made of a misogynist society in all forms.For instance in religion the messiah or god is referred to as Father, a male figure.So this creates a physic that makes men to have a certain stance which is on a pedestal towards women in our society. Other examples of misogyny  include the words such as chairman,fireman and policemen, it is with the advent of globalization and equality that we have seen a transformation in these terms which include chairperson, firefighter and police officer aimed to change the above mentioned words making them lean towards a non- sexist society.

Many strides have been taken to address the ills of our sexist past for instance women in executive positions in the business world have increased and we have more than before witnessed women in presidential seats in nations such as Germany,Bangladesh,Liberia,Argentina and Brazil.If women are empowered it creates an equilibrium in society which fosters a society that appreciates both genders.Leading the operandi in women empowerment is the Global women’s project(GWP) which is dedicated to creating a life where women can determine their own lives and live free from poverty, discrimination, inequality and most critically violence.

Carmen W,  Head of Communications at the Global Women’s Project(GWP) says that their organisation combine their feminist values of solidarity,compassion , justice and technology along with business principles which allows them to be agile and disruptive when it comes to women empowerment and gender equality. The GWP function in the most penurious countries in the world such as Nepal,Cambodia,India and many parts of Western Africa.

“Global Women’s Project seeks to educate ourselves (as variously privileged people) about the global poverty, oppression and injustice that women suffer, and how our own over consumption and misuse of resources directly contributes to their suffering. Global Women’s Project is an invitation to all women to live in solidarity with women around the world seeking to empower women and girls in their own communities in living a life of dignity and respect.”

says Carmen.

The orgarnisation has supported over 20 833 women worldwide,97000 community members while working 211 days in poor countries in 4 years working remotely.

GWP achieves their objectives through delivering working programs for women by working with women grassroots agencies already having a significant impact in changing lives of women by developing education,live hood and leadership to help lift women and their families out of poverty and raise funds to make these objectives become outcomes.

The organisation aims to have a bigger impact in aiding our women global society because it is their belief that if you invest in a women you invest in a community.



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