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Education Africa to promote Peace and Harmony at 2024 International Marimba & Steelpan Festival

The highly anticipated Education Africa International Marimba & Steelpan Festival is set to take place from 27 – 28 July 2024 at St Dominic’s School for Girls in Boksburg. This annual, vibrant event brings together like-minded performers, educators, and enthusiasts from around Africa and South Africa, offering a unique platform to showcase the rich cultural heritage of Africa and foster global unity through marimba and steelpan music.

The theme of this year’s event is Peace and Harmony. Joan Lithgow, Education Africa’s Marimba Specialist and Festival Director says, “Having recently successfully navigated a democratic election and celebrating 30 years of democracy, we wanted a theme for the Festival that reflects what South Africa is currently yearning for – peace and harmony. And what better way to celebrate this with than our annual Education Africa International Marimba & Steelpan Festival.”

Education Africa, the organisation behind this Festival, has a long-standing commitment to advancing education and empowering youth. As part of its broader mission, Education Africa also seeks to create sustainable educational opportunities for disadvantaged communities. The Education Africa International Marimba & Steelpan Festival is one of the organisation’s flagship initiatives and serves as a fundraising platform to support the Education Africa Marimba Project, ensuring that more children have access to quality education and artistic development.

“Through the universal language of music, the Festival aims to promote social cohesion, creativity, cultural exchange, appreciation, and understanding among young musicians and our audience,” says Lithgow, adding that participants from diverse backgrounds and age groups will engage in collaborative sessions, fostering connections that transcend borders and nurture a sense of unity among diverse cultures and communities.

The Education Africa International Marimba & Steelpan Festival has indeed become a hallmark event in the South African marimba community. It provides a dynamic platform for young musicians to share their skills, learn from experienced mentors, and explore the captivating rhythms of marimba and steelpan music. In addition to the numerous categories of competitions, the Festival will also feature a range of activities including performances by professional musicians as well as over 90 workshops in various disciplines including gumboot dancing, marimba and steelpan playing, djembe drumming and mbira playing.

In total, attendees will have the opportunity to witness over 330 performances by young people from all over South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe as well as Trinidad and Tobago. A record-breaking number of 2 300 musicians is expected to participate at this year’s event.

Education Africa is confident that the Education Africa International Marimba & Steelpan Festival will once again inspire and empower young musicians. It promises to be an extraordinary celebration of music, talent, and cultural diversity. Join us for an unforgettable experience that combines the infectious rhythms of Africa with the harmonious melodies of the Caribbean.

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