Friday, January 22, 2021
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Durban group launches soup kitchen to help COVID-19 survivors


A group from the Chatsworth’s community started an initiative to make soup and immune boosters for residents recovering at home with Covid-19. The initiative was started due to the alarming increase in Covid-9 patients in the community.

The group, which has garnered sponsorships from several businesses in the area to get the ingredients they need to run the initiative, do not accept money or EFT transactions, just the ingredients from the sponsors they already have.

The group took a decision not to have any media coverage of their work.“This is the time in our lives, where we, as a community, should come together, stand together (Not literally) and overcome this pandemic together – Let’s Beat Covid-19”, said the group.
DA health Spokesperson, Rishigen Viranna said there were many community organizations doing great work assisting vulnerable and poor residents with food and care.

“We would like to thank all of them for their service. The first principle in medicine is do no harm. Lemon, ginger, peppercorn and honey are well-known home remedies that may soothe flu-like symptoms. However, it isn’t a substitute to normal medical care. We still encourage all KZN residents who show Covid-19 symptoms should get tested and seek medical attention as well,” he said.

IFP Health Spokesperson, Ncamisile Nkwanyana said she had also seen residents in Ladysmith who took on the same initiative adding that it was this kind of spirit of ubuntu that was needed now. “It is a good thing for people to reach out to each at this time, showing compassion and love, of course, while keeping safe. Some households can’t afford ingredients for home remedies, and healthy soups, having groups reaching out to the vulnerable was applauded as we all have been affected by this virus,” said Nkwanyana.

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