Monday, January 25, 2021

Digital exercise bench makes light job of workouts for disable persons


Internationally acclaimed songwriter, Joash Perumal is changing the fitness game with his new digital bench innovation which caters for disabled and physically impaired people.

Perumal, well-known as Jmagic, launched the DIGI Smart bench that can be controlled by mobile application through his company, JD Corporation.“I came with this innovation after my own experience. Two years ago, I broke my wrist while climbing a ladder and had metal blades and pins so I was always feeling pain when trying to adjust the bench,” said Perumal.

The Digi Smart bench has an electronic button that controls the backrest and moves with the mobile application. It is fitted with command buttons and voice activations for easy system movements and to control the weight racks on either side of the bench.

“I thought of other disabled people and those who are physically impaired so that they do not have to keep jumping off when they have to adjust the bench while in the gym,” said the KwaZulu Natal-born businessman who comes from a business background and is studying business management.

Hip-hop star Zakwe posted about the DIGI smart bench on his Facebook page. When asked for a comment, he said: “I have recently started using the bench. It’s amazing, especially in the Covid-19 pandemic. I am hoping to buy and have it in the house by next week”.

Social media sensation Bobo Mbele also posted about the bench. He said he saw it online and fell in love with it.“I have been using it for a couple of weeks now and I can say it does wonders for me,” Mbele said.

Perumal also announced that he would be releasing another mobile application innovation in two weeks, known as Executive Dating. He said the app will help people to verify identities of people they meet online so that people can be safe on dating sites.

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