Monday, November 30, 2020
Education And Training

Despite COVID, Okombahe hopes to finish police station construction by January


A newly constructed police station in Okombahe near Omaruru in Namibia is set benefit a number of youths by creating jobs for at least 40  people.

The construction that started in March is looking forward to recruit more youths for the job. The police station has been structured at a settlement were crime was multiplying by the day,  and  law enforcement  was a quite the distance away.

Women have also been asked to apply for the intake as they will be given a chance to work and provide for their families. The residents have been living off farming for years and the cost has been quite expensive for the people to survive.

While giving a statement, the site manager of the construction company Albertina Hamudenga said she was happy a few families were going to be taken care of.

“Many young people are unemployed and have resorted to drugs and alcohol because of the hopeless situation. I hope some people plan to invest in this settlement. There are much potential and tourism business opportunities,” Hamudenga said.


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