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Coronation extends relief to vulnerable communities on World Food Day

October 2021: In celebration of World Food Day on 16 October, Coronation Fund Managers extended a helping hand to FoodForward SA, as part of their ongoing Covid-19 relief efforts since the onset of the pandemic.

The recently launched Household Food Security programme will provide nutritious food directly to food insecure households across South Africa, with a special focus on children suffering from malnutrition, pregnant and nursing mothers, orphans, and other vulnerable children and community members.

“The event provided us with the opportunity to connect with our longstanding partner donor Coronation, to demonstrate what we as an organisation continue to strive towards by addressing widespread hunger in South Africa. We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude for the immense contribution and support made by Coronation,” explains FoodForward SA MD, Andy Du Plessis.

The programme will deliver monthly food boxes consisting of quality donated surplus food and non-food groceries, supplemented by procured groceries to make the project affordable and sustainable.

“Our financial contribution since the onset of the pandemic has significantly helped the operational efforts of FoodForward SA to make meals available to over 700 000 people daily at a cost of 85c per meal. Our donation enabled FoodForward SA to rapidly scale resources and critical infrastructure to alleviate the hunger faced by vulnerable communities in our country and assisted in scaling the newly launched Household Food Security programme,” says Wendy Bergsteedt, group head of marketing at Coronation.

The programme aims to address food insecurity while restoring people’s dignity, improve access to a wider variety of healthy foods in vulnerable communities, and will help build healthier populations in low socio-economic communities.

“We thank all our partners who have contributed to making these meals possible. FoodForward SA is on track to meet our audacious goal of feeding one million South Africans by 2024,” says Du Plessis.

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