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Conserving water through education on World Water Day

This year’s theme, “Leveraging Water for Peace”, underscores the pivotal role water plays in fostering harmony among communities and nations. With a growing population and indifferent climate patterns exacerbating water stress, the City of Cape Town must increase its water supply sources to ensure resilience and sustainability for its residents.

Expanding the City’s water supply is paramount to meet the escalating demands stemming from rapid urbanisation, thereby alleviating strain on existing infrastructure. The City’s Water and Sanitation Directorate has embarked on the New Water Programme (NWP), a multifaceted initiative aimed at diversifying and enhancing Cape Town’s water resources.

The NWP consists of various strategic endeavours geared towards augmenting the City’s water supply by 300 million litres per day by 2030, including:

Surface water: Harnessing water from rivers and dams to contribute an additional 40 million litres per day.

Groundwater: Drilling boreholes and tapping springs securing over 100 million litres per day.

Re-use: Implementing purified recycled wastewater, adding 70-100 million litres per day.

Desalination: Extracting salt from seawater to yield 50-70 million litres per day.

‘In addition to infrastructure enhancements, the City is actively engaged in disseminating information and fostering community involvement to ensure inclusivity and awareness. Educational initiatives organised by the Water and Sanitation Directorate span schools, malls, and community forums, where residents are empowered with valuable insights into water conservation practices and the City’s plans for a resilient water supply,’ said Councillor Zahid Badroodien, Mayoral Committee Member for Water Sanitation.

In the lead-up to World Water Day, outreach efforts have been concentrated in areas such as Thornton, Retreat, and Samora Machel, emphasising the significance of water conservation. Look out for the interactive trailer touring various neighbourhoods, equipped with innovative features designed to engage and educate, including gaming elements that impart crucial lessons on water conservation while entertaining young learners.

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