Sunday, April 11, 2021

Coach shares his income with youngsters


A Namibian mineworker GABRIEL Gurirab at Swakopmund’s Husab Uranium Mine has been using his income to keep the Atlantic Wrestling Academy going.

Gabriel’s Academy is currently training and developing 40 young and upcoming wrestlers in the country. Gabriel is one of the country’s top coaches and the vice president of the Namibian Wrestling Federation.

For the past two years, Gurirab and his team aged from 6 to 19 have been training on a large mat outside at Swakopmund’s Coastal High School.

When commenting, Gurirab said: “This is an indoors sport code, but we are not just wrestling each other, we are wrestling environmental conditions too – cold, heat, sun, mist, wind and rain. It is tough, and not very healthy, but I have kids here who find hope in this sport; they find strength, so we have to use what we can.”

“Some of these children have the potential to become great sportsmen and women, but they need proper conditions to train in,” added Gurirab.

Recently, Gurirab returned from South Africa where the Namibian national team was preparing for the Africa Wrestling Championship in Nigeria and the Olympic qualifiers.

While concluding, Gurirab called for companies or institutions to assist with a proper venue.

“There are venues, but they are too expensive for me. I do coaching and offer the academy free of charge. I also try and meet parents halfway when it comes to event costs, so they do not have to carry that burden themselves. I do what l can to share my bread and butter, but when it comes to paying for a venue, it becomes impossible by myself.” concluded the coach.

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