Thursday, April 15, 2021
Health And Welfare

Citizens to benefit from reduced costs of medical treatment


Jonas Chanda, Minister of Health recently stated that the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIMA) will make treatment of medical conditions that require expensive medical procedures affordable for ordinary Zambians.

NHIMA will protect citizens from going bankrupt due to a sudden illness that requires expensive medical procedures. This was mentioned by Dr Chanda when he visited Kamuchanga District Hospital in Mufulira District.

Over the years, citizens had to sell houses and other properties to enable them to afford medical care due to lack of insurance. This resulted in increased death rates as many could not afford medication.

Furthermore, NHIMA will directly benefit patients as 90 per cent of the funds realized from the scheme will be pumped back into health facilities.

Speaking about the initiative, Chanda said: “What we are doing is pulling resources, and because not everyone gets sick at the same time, resources are available for those who need them, and health care becomes affordable for everyone.”

The scheme will be rolled out to the informal sector to cater for everyone. It will also help small and large scale businessmen and women, as it will enable them to access equal health care.

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