Saturday, September 26, 2020
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Cape Town to get new ‘CAA’ licence mark


The Western Cape Transport Department says the “CA” car registrations are fast depleting and motorists could soon bear a new licence plate designation.

The department has published in the provincial gazette, a notice calling for public comments on the allocation of the “CAA” licence mark to the registering authorities of the city.

MEC Donald Grant says the move is pre-emptive, driven by the rate at which the current “CA” licence numbers are fast running up.

Cape Town traffic (File) 

 Cape Town traffic (File)Grant says his department’s working with the city to ensure that the transition is smooth and vehicle owners aren’t adversely affected by the change.

“We had to institute a new licence mark. When the last number is allocated according to the CA mark we’ll then switch over to the CAA mark with a reduced number of digits.”

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