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Bridging the Gap: Sun International Connects Professionals and Learners for Career Guidance during Youth Month

During Youth Month in June, Sun International, a prominent gaming and hospitality company in South Africa, hosted a groundbreaking “Career Speed Dating” event at their Central Office. The initiative aimed to inspire and guide learners fromTembisa Tourism and hospitality school of specialization and Empilisweni High Schools, providing them with a unique opportunity to engage with professionals from various departments within the organization.

The event featured an innovative setup, with tables hosted by staff from diverse departments such as legal, sustainability, human resources, hospitality, and finance. This arrangement facilitated direct interaction between learners and professionals, allowing for meaningful conversations and valuable insights into specific career paths. The dynamic atmosphere encouraged learners to ask questions, share their aspirations, and gain a deeper understanding of the corporate world.

Verna Robson, Director of Group Human Resources at Sun International, emphasized the significance of partnering with adopted schools and implementing sustainable programs that support education and personal growth. “This event is about career exploration,” Robson stated. “By providing learners with direct access to professionals from various fields, we aim to help them make informed decisions about their future career paths.”

The Career Speed Dating event served as a platform to demystify the corporate world and expose learners to the diverse opportunities available within large organizations. Robson highlighted the importance of honoring the youth during Youth Month by providing them with valuable guidance from experienced professionals across different fields.

Muxe Mambana, Director of Internal Audit at Sun International, shed light on the often misunderstood role of his department. He explained that their primary responsibility is to provide assurance to the business across various operations, ranging from information technology to compliance. Mambana emphasized the unique perspective gained from being the only department with a comprehensive view of the entire organization, allowing them to understand and assess the company’s operations holistically.


Sun International’s commitment to youth development extends beyond a single event. Robson described the initiative as a holistic program aimed at making a lasting impact on the communities where they operate. By investing in the youth and providing them with the necessary tools and guidance, the company aims to contribute to building a stronger and more prosperous South Africa.


Ande Mgoboza, a teacher from Tembisa High, praised the event for providing learners with practical experience in Hospitality Studies. “Events like this bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application, allowing learners to visualize themselves in these careers and understand the skills and qualifications required to succeed,” Mgoboza stated.


The Career Speed Dating event exemplifies Sun International’s dedication to fostering community engagement, supporting educational initiatives, and empowering the youth. By connecting professionals with learners and providing a platform for focused discussions, the company aims to create lasting impacts that will shape the leaders of tomorrow and contribute positively to the development of South Africa’s youth.


The success of the event highlights the importance of collaboration between corporates and educational institutions in bridging the skills gap and preparing the youth for the challenges and opportunities of the modern workforce. Sun International’s initiative sets an example for other companies to follow in their efforts to uplift communities and invest in the future of the nation.


The impact of Sun International’s Career Speed Dating event will undoubtedly resonate with the learners who participated, inspiring them to pursue their dreams and reach for the stars. With the continued support and commitment of companies like Sun International, the youth of South Africa can look forward to a brighter future filled with endless possibilities and opportunities for growth and success.


By breaking down barriers and providing direct access to professionals, Sun International is paving the way for a more inclusive and empowered workforce. The company’s efforts to inspire and guide the youth demonstrate their commitment to being a responsible corporate citizen and investing in the future of South Africa. As more organizations follow suit, the collective impact on the lives of young individuals and the nation as a whole will be immeasurable.

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