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Brand South Africa calls on all citizens to safeguard the future of children

Brand South Africa has released a statement  mourning the death of the Alexandra and Philippi children who’ve passed away due to fires in their communities. A total of eight children lost their lives in two separate incidents, due to unmonitored heating appliances in their homes.

“We offer our heartfelt condolences to the families of the children in Alex and Philippi. It is with great sadness that we are hearing of the fires and loss of lives of young children. We pray for healing for these families and for the communities to stand in unison to support them. These tragic incidents and the growing number of destructive fires in our communities is demonstrative of the fact that people need to be better educated on how to prevent fires in their homes.” said Brand South Africa’s Chief Marketing Officer, Ms Linda Magapatona-Sangaret.

Brand South Africa  is now pleading  with all citizens to be vigilant in preventing fires and particularly careful with young children in preventing any risk of fire.

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