Monday, November 23, 2020
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Best-selling book on Empathy to release in South Africa this November


The bestselling book Softening the Edge by renowned empathetic leader Mimi Nicklin will launch in South Africa in early November 2020. Already a best-seller in the USA, Canada, Australia and the UAEthe book addresses empathy in all its facets and explores how humanity’s oldest leadership trait is changing our world.

This eye-opening new book also addresses how the ’empathy deficit’ in leadership has become a major cause of division, unkindness and burnout around the world. The book has already featured in NBC News, Forbes and Harvard Business Review and is currently in CEO Today Magazine as their number 1 recommended read for October 2020.

Written by millennial leader Mimi Nicklin, Softening the Edge is part business tool, part corporate culture guide and part social eye-opener. By taking inspiration from the likes of Barack Obama, Jacinda Ardern and Oprah Winfrey, it encourages CEOs to consider if harnessing and exercising more empathy could help to create happier, more productive working environments.

“I never thought about becoming an author until I wrote Softening the Edge” explains Nicklin. “Once I identified the reach and impact of the Empathy Deficit globally, I couldn’t stop writing. This book focuses on something I have been passionate about for my entire career – the sustainable wellness of our workforce, treating people with kindness and decency, and the future of effective leadership. It addresses the Global Empathy Deficit from within our organisations, based on my own experiences leading teams around the world, and inspired by the turn-around story in my current organization. One that was both extremely challenging, and wildly successful!” she concluded.

A passionate empathetic leader, Mimi has addressed audiences around the world on the topic, most recently to the approximately 2 000 delegates at the Singularity U South Africa Summit 2020Having lived and worked on four continents, Mimi’s unique perspectives encourage changes from the inside out, focusing on the cultural, behavioural and mindset changes that are needed for a more empathetic world.

Mimi hosts the weekly online breakfast show Empathy for Breakfast, on Tuesday mornings at 8 AM. providing people  with a dose of insight, inspiration and practical knowledge that will empower them to navigate the week ahead with empathy. This show has an audience of 75 000 people to date. Her podcast Secrets of the Gap addresses empathy with various guests whose stories add value to this conversation and is available on all major podcast platforms.

Mimi Nicklin will engage with South African readers at an online book launch on 18 November 2020, in conversation with Elana Afrika-Bredenkamp.

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