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Be You. Period: Embracing Menstrual Uniqueness


There’s no one ‘right’ way to manage your period-only what works for you and your unique body. Discover more about #BeYouPeriod campaign.

#BeYouPeriod is dedicated to breaking down stereotypes and expanding representation around menstruation. This campaign is informed by thousands of interactions on the Lil-Lets Talk platform ( since its launch in early 2021.

Our bodies and periods are unique, but limited representation has left many menstruators feeling underrepresented and questioning their normalcy. The majority of questions on Lil-Lets Talk include phrases like ‘is it normal to’ or ‘am I normal if’, highlighting the need for more accessible education.

“Be You. Period” is a celebration of individuality and the empowerment that comes from understanding your body. It aims to ensure that all girls, women, and people with periods have access to the products and information they need, free from shame or stigma.

This campaign was crafted for Lil-Lets by a local poet and features inspiring menstrual health rights activists. It also includes human rights activists and trans rights activists.

It was crucial for Lil-Lets to collaborate with and celebrate those who are already making an impact in this space. Lil-Lets is proud that many of them are actively involved in or beneficiaries of the Lil-Lets Talk platform.

Lil-Lets matches every question asked and every answer posted on Lil-Lets Talk with a donation of a pack of Maxi Pads to those in need. Over 42,000 packs of Maxi Pads have already been distributed to Lil-Lets Talk beneficiaries.

Take the Quiz to Get Your Unique Period Profile                                                                                         Understanding our bodies and unique periods make it easier to choose what works best for us. Get your period profile here:

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