Thursday, December 3, 2020
Public Relations

Fashion that gives back. Pandora continues its partnership with UNICEF for a second year, introducing a new addition to Charms for Change.

In continued support of their partnership with UNICEF and ahead of World  Children’s Day on November 20, Pandora hosted a creative workshop  driven by a wish to inspire young minds to envision their future.  As captured in a short film voiced by actor and Pandora ambassador  Millie Bobby Brown, the Copenhagen-based event brought together a group of children to get creative, dream big and show  what  they  could  create with a simple cardboard box. 
Through exercises in self-expression facilitated by a creative consultant,  the children were encouraged to explore their passions. Each child received a variety of tools and materials and was asked to create something that represents their future aspirations. Potential vocations  such as interior design, environmental science, architecture and athletics came to life in vibrant and detailed 
Julius, 10 years old, says: “I love thinking about how to build a new house  – how it should look and what rooms should there be. I built an aquarium  with a walk-through underwater experience with my 
sister because she loves life in the water.” 
Central to the Pandora for UNICEF partnership is the belief that, with the  right support and tools, young people can fulfill their potential and find their voice. “For World Children’s Day 2020, Pandora stands 
with UNICEF in its quest to empower young people,” says Pandora CEO  Alexander Lacik. “Our workshop resulted in an inspiring video with an important message delivered by Millie Bobby Brown, a fierce 
children’s advocate. 
All children have dreams, but not all have the opportunities to make them a reality. We hope  this video  will help Pandora fans around the world  to connect with this cause.” Through  a  long-term global partnership that kicked off in 2019,  Pandora  is  helping  UNICEF  reach  more than 10 million children and  young people with opportunities to learn, express themselves  and find work in the future. “Children and young people  are  the future. With Pandora’s support, we can equip 
them with the skills they need and harness their energy, enthusiasm, and ideas; so they become active citizens who claim  their rights and contribute to their countries’ societies 
and economies”,  said Karen Hækkerup, Executive Director of 
UNICEF  Denmark. 
In support of UNICEF for World Children’s Day, Pandora launches  a new addition to Charms for Change – a limited- edition globe-shaped  charm that opens to reveal a heart, with €15 from  each sale donated to UNICEF. Charms for change gives Pandora  fans a way to contribute to the cause and wear 
their support for the world’s most vulnerable children. 
Through these and future initiatives, Pandora for UNICEF aims to give children the chance to pursue their 
passions and fulfil their potential, so they can become the next  generation of leaders, change- makers and 
entrepreneurs – the minds that will shape our future. 
With Millie Bobby Brown leading the charge by kicking  off the social media campaign, the film will 
stream on YouTube starting on October 22. Join the  conversation and support Charms for change 
with #PandoraForUNICEF and #CharmsForChange. 

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