Friday, October 30, 2020
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Artists join anti-GBV war with new songs and productions


For several weeks, the media has been reporting on the brutal killing of women and children and sexual abuse across South Africa. In response to the extreme levels of femicide and domestic violence,selected South African artists and performers have composed songs and theatre productions condemning the act.

The songs cut across all popular genres, including gospel, maskandi and Afro-pop. Theatre groups have also played their part, creating plays that are performed in public to spread awareness regarding the killing of women.

Gospel stars Sechaba Pali and Trica Selala have composed a song titled Rekgopela Bothlale. Pali said as a father himself, watching women being killed was deeply worrying to him. In the song, Pali is praying and calling for God’s intervention.“I believe that people who are killing women are really driven by evil spirits. I’m calling for God to please remind men about their role and guide them. We need to remember our role as men that is to love and protect”, said Pali.

Maskandi group Abafana BakaMgqomeni has released a song titled Ukubulawa Kwabesifazane (meaning “the killing of women) which features Smangele Radebe. The song also condemns the killing of women and children.

Jezenkulu Mseleku, Abafana BakaMgqomeni Member, said: “As members of the society and artists we felt that we need to play a role and talk to men. I will never understand why men kill women, the same people who actually make the world to exist. I know if we were to have men only in that event, the whole event will end because of a fight.”

Artist, KMusic SA released a song titled Ukufa said: “Let’s stop and fight against the brutal killings of woman and children; enough is enough”. Landless People Movement has presented a stage play that tackles gender-based violence on social media.

Singer and songwriter, Zahara also has been posting her song Umfazi (woman) from her album Umgodi as a dedication to all women of South Africa. She recently opened up about her own ordeal and how she was almost raped said: “After hearing President Ramaphosa speech, my heart is in such pain at the high levels of gender-based violence cases. We as women of South Africa need to stand together and fight this war.”

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