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Argantic helps SAHETI School enter the cloud

SAHETI School partnered with Argantic to assist with its digital journey by moving to the cloud and eradicating all paper processes. The school’s mission is to provide excellence in education and believes digital transformation is key to achieving this.

SAHETI has replaced its manual paper-based, email and excel processes with cloud solutions. These include migrating Skype for Business to Teams Voice Calling and integration with the school management system (Ed-admin).

Furthermore, a multi-disciplinary team was appointed and a case management system implemented. It has also introduced a Social Engagement Program where students log community service hours and a sports site where parents, students and teachers can view the latest fixture results.

Schools need tools that enable them to deploy devices faster and minimise downtime so that teachers and students can be productive. With cloud-based management, devices are always up to date. They update silently, automatically, and outside of class time, while helping to ensure the latest in security and reliability.

Moving to cloud-based management with Microsoft provides a secure foundation that allows schools to grow and scale toward the future. Web-based tools enhance device management and enable future upgrades and security and performance improvements.

SAHETI School ICT Manager Justin Harper says the biggest benefit of moving to the cloud is that all systems can be accessed anytime and from anywhere. “Also, we don’t have a huge upfront hardware cost. The paper submissions do not get lost, there is now accountability and all processes are auditable.”

“Student and teachers now access the same information throughout all systems – one single version of the truth – from one authoritative source. Students can access the SEP program from anywhere at any time and there is also an approval process to validate all the students’ uploads,” he explains.

“All of the above are done using Azure SQL and Azure app services. Our Office 365 needs from licencing to application development run through Argantic. They also provided training in house with each department,” says Harper.

Argantic CEO Garry Ackerman says with the right set of tools, learning can happen from anywhere, anytime. “Technology can streamline school operations so that educators can focus on educating by engaging with their students. Technology helps manage school processes, track students, communicate with stakeholders in real-time, analyse dashboard reports and derive actionable insights.”

Harper says Teams Voice helped them integrate two separate systems into one portal. “When our teachers had to work remotely, having a telephone at home helped them contact colleagues, students and parents.”

Microsoft Teams is a powerful platform that puts all classroom tools in one place. It gives educators and staff a single hub for online connection and collaboration. More importantly, it brings conversations, content, assignments and apps together in one place, letting teachers create vibrant learning environments.

Schools can now build collaborative classrooms, connect in professional learning communities and connect with colleagues – all from a single experience.

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