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An innovation to make wheel chair users’ lives easier.

PRD Logical Solutions (Pty) Ltd was founded in 2016 by two young ladies Portia Refilwe Mavhungu and Darushna Chellan. PRD Logical Solutions is an innovative company that looks for forgotten GAPS in the market that would make people’s lives easier.

PRD Logical Solutions has introduced their very first innovation called THE PARA TUBE. THE PARA TUBE is a retrofitting seating that fits into any existing wheelchair and incorporates a toilet inside the seating, thus allowing the user to use the bathroom facility in an independent and dignifying way.

In 2011 Portia had a major accident which resulted in her breaking her pelvis. The unfortunate accident left Portia wheelchair bound for a few months. This had left her both mentally and physically drained. She was unable to use the wheelchair on her own and needed assistance from both her grandmother and mother.

During this time, she thought to her self that if she was to be in the wheelchair for a short period of time and feels this way, what about people who are in this position for the rest of their lives and that is how the idea of THE PARA TUBE was born.

When the client is sitting on the seat it will look like a normal seat until the client is ready to use the bathroom, all the client needs to do is pull the center part of the seating for ward with the handle that’s placed on the front of the seat and the center of the seat will slide forward, the middle cushion will than be flipped forward forming the shape of a toilet, there will be a bio degradable bag that will be provided which will be placed in the center of the opening, the client will then slide the center part back whilst its still open and the client may go about their business, without having to leave the chair and without 3rd party assistance. Once the client is done he or she will then slide the center put to remove the bag and dispose of it like you would dispose a diaper. It is both waterproof and hygienic. Thereafter the client will fold the center part back in and slide the center back into place using the handle and its back to it comfortable seating formation.

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