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Amy Foundation : Integrating Environmental Awareness and Sustainable Practices

The Amy Foundation, in collaboration with the Rondebosch Golf Course and Conservation Phomolong, is excited to announce the launch of the inaugural Tree Walk in Cape Town on March 19, 2024. This groundbreaking initiative aims to integrate environmental awareness and sustainable practices into the fabric of South African education.


The Tree Walk initiative embodies a holistic approach to nature, recognising its intrinsic value and interconnectedness with human well-being. By intertwining environmental education with the school curriculum, particularly targeting South African Grade 6 and 7 students, the initiative seeks to foster a deeper understanding of nature’s significance.


“At the heart of our initiative lies the belief that environmental education is fundamental to creating a sustainable future,” said Kevin Chaplin, MD of the Amy Foundation. “By integrating nature holistically into the school curriculum, we aim to instil in students a sense of stewardship towards the environment.”


One of the key aspects of the Tree Walk initiative is its focus on indigenous knowledge and traditional uses of plants. Through interactive experiences during the Tree Walks, students will learn about the medicinal and traditional uses of trees and plants, tapping into the rich indigenous knowledge that has sustained communities for generations.


“We believe in the power of indigenous knowledge to inform sustainable practices,” said Tsakani Mbombi, representing Conservation Phomolong. “By connecting students with their natural heritage, we hope to inspire a sense of pride and responsibility towards preserving our environment.”


The Tree Walk initiative represents a collaborative effort between various stakeholders, including educators, environmentalists, and community leaders. Through partnerships with organisations like the Rondebosch Golf Course, the initiative aims to expand its reach and impact, ultimately fostering a culture of environmental stewardship across South Africa.


“We are proud to support the Tree Walk initiative and its mission to educate the next generation of environmental leaders,” said Raj Lochan, representing the Rondebosch Golf Course. “By engaging students in hands-on experiences with nature, we hope to cultivate a deeper appreciation for the natural world and inspire action towards its conservation.”


The Tree Walk on March 19, 2024, marks the beginning of a journey towards a more sustainable future. Through the integration of environmental awareness, indigenous knowledge, and sustainable practices, the Amy Foundation and its partners are paving the way for a greener, healthier South Africa.

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