Monday, April 12, 2021
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American truck drivers donate rejected food deliveries to charity


The Indy Hunger Network charity created their Food Drop program which connects truck drivers with nearby food banks that can put the products to good use.

In addition to feeding the hungry, the program also benefits the drivers by saving them from having to pay expensive landfill fees, providing them with a tax deduction for donated goods, and helping them to offload the cargo.

Though the program was only launched to operate solely out of Indianapolis in 2017, charity workers say that they documented over 90,000 pounds of food donated within the first six months.

The program’s success led Indy Food Network to expand the initiative to several more food banks across Indiana.

If the Food Drop project continues to prove to be effective and sustainable , then the charity hopes to expand the program to other states as well.

According to the Network, drivers are only asked to donate groceries that are still edible, non-alcoholic, and individually packaged with unbroken seals.

Source : GNN

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