Monday, September 21, 2020

American non-profit turns hotel into instant housing for the homeless


The president of American non- profit, the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless (CCH), John Parvensky recently snapped up the 139-room complex for $8.4 million, to help secure the living conditions for the homeless. Fusion Studio is now serving a variety of people in need and represents the 17th building he has opened in 3 decades of work. Rooms are expected to be available for the people who come right in off the street or from shelters across the city, as soon as the end of the month.

For renters, vouchers can be secured by prospective tenants from the state and city to ensure that no more than 30% is required from their incomes for rent. Parvensky said on average, tenants can manage about $100 a month, with a lot of it coming from other benefits such as disability payments receive

The floor and room plan is divided up by a person’s circumstances rather than by size and luxury. 28 rooms will be set aside for those awaiting trial for low-level crimes like public urination and trespassing. Another 10 are reserved for homeless folks who find themselves frequenting Denver Public Hospitals.

For individuals looking to move on to other forms of affordable and permanent housing or who have housing currently being constructed for them, another 25 rooms have been set aside. Britta Fisher, head of Denver’s housing department called Fusion Studios “practically instant housing”.

“We all know that we need more housing units, that we need them quickly,” she told Denverite during Tuesday’s opening ceremony. “I truly hope we can replicate this model and partnerships at other sites in Denver.”

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