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Allan Gray Orbis Foundation launches its 2024 Entrepreneurship Game for learners from across Southern Africa.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, more than half of Southern African young people between the ages of 15 and 24 were facing the prospect of unemployment. With this mind, the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation – an initiative that focuses on developing young individuals with entrepreneurial potential  – has again launched its gamified Entrepreneurship Challenge for high school students from across Southern Africa and is calling students to participate in this year’s challenge.

The competition, which is in its eighth year, opened for gameplay and is aiming to see over 20 000 high school learners from South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Eswatini (formerly Swaziland) enrolling to compete in games and shark-tank style entrepreneurship pitching contests. The competition also includes online webinars and facilitated school visits during the competition, as well as exciting prize packages.

“Through engaging simulations and enriched content, participants will learn to identify entrepreneurship opportunities and collaborate effectively. This initiative democratises access to entrepreneurship education, empowering Southern African children to unlock their full potential and hone the skills they need to shape a brighter future for themselves,” says Marcel Manikum, Project Lead of the Allan Gray Entrepreneurship Challenge (AGEC).

The Entrepreneurship Challenge was not only designed to be a competition, but also to provide further access to supportive communities within the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation and a year ‘round dynamic playground where learning is both educational and fun.

“The 2024 competition promises to be more exciting than ever before. The biggest change in this year’s competition is the introduction of a brand new game for high school students, which is known as the Allan Gray High School Game that requires less than 14mb of data to participate. Learners have access to a Gaming Hub where they can find games, resources and information that can help them in the competition.”

How the competition changed former participants lives

  One of our former participants, Thatego Moloi, who participated in the competition said this of the experience: “AGEC has influenced me to the extent that I was able to acquire, learn and develop a positive and winning mindset. As a young developing entrepreneur, I was motivated to launch my business of selling grown fruits and vegetables from my garden. It was not easy but AGEC came to my rescue, and the game played a bigger role in my journey because I learnt about steps to take to be a successful entrepreneur!”

Through innovative gaming and interactive learning, Thatego was liberated from self-limiting beliefs and societal constraints, which set her on the path to self-efficacy and freedom says Manikum. “The challenge offers the potential opportunity to ultimately join the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation’s other ongoing entrepreneurship development programmes which provide extensive bursary support, coaching and access to career opportunities.

How to enter the 2024 Entrepreneurship Challenge

 Registration is simple and straightforward. Those who wish to enter the competition can visit the official challenge website or email

“We encourage you to spread the word about the challenge so that more learners can also join in on the fun and excitement. You can also tell your teachers and principals about the game which can be paired with their classroom lessons. Our call to action is clear and urgent: join the challenge, transform your future, and unlock your entrepreneurial potential,” says Manikum.

In closing, he reminds all interested participants: “AGEC doesn’t just introduce entrepreneurial concepts; it helps cultivate a mindset of resilience, creativity, and limitless potential. We believe that entrepreneurial spirit isn’t just about the desire to start businesses; it’s about a passion to ignite change, challenging conventions, and shaping a brighter future. By embracing entrepreneurship, individuals are empowered to write their own narratives, defy limitations, and become the architects of their destinies. That is a tremendously exciting prospect for any young person from Southern Africa and one that they should grab with both hands.”

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