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AkzoNobel adds colour to the lives of Talfelsig, Mitchell’s Plain residents

AkzoNobel, a leader in paints and coatings and manufacturer of Dulux paints in South Africa, is proud to support a local NGO, PAINT, in Talfelsig, Mitchell’s Plain. This initiative, aligned with AkzoNobel’s global “Let’s Colour” program, aims to use the power of paint to create a positive impact on communities.

In an inspiring act of social responsibility, AkzoNobel, partnered with PAINT to transform a wall in Tafelsig into a stunning 200-meter mural celebrating the beauty and importance of our oceans. The project also saw five talented local artists led by Rizah Potgieter and community volunteers joining forces to fuel the creativity and passion that led to the development of this masterpiece.

“Despite the fact that Tafelsig is surrounded by a nature reserve and in close proximity to the False Bay coast, the parks and open spaces have suffered serious neglect. In 2008, I was brutally assaulted in one of those parks, just a few meters from my home. My wife and I took it upon ourselves to do something about the bland walls in the area and started painting them, using our own funds. We managed to get some volunteers on board and the initiative just grew bigger and bigger. That is how Paint communities was born,” said PAINT founder, Michael Bell.

“As a global paints and coatings company, we know the significant impact colours have on the livability of living spaces and communities. Seeing this mural come to life has been deeply inspiring, underlining how much we can contribute to people’s lives when you set your heart to it. The contribution to ‘PAINT’ for this mural was a natural extension of our commitment to the communities we operate in, commented Johann Smidt, AkzoNobel Sub-Saharan Africa Managing Director.

The ‘Let’s Colour’ program continues to revitalize public spaces, fostering a sense of pride and belonging in communities across the world by reimagining and reshaping surroundings in ways that reflect communities’ values, aspirations, and dreams, subsequently creating brighter, and more colourful futures.

“By harnessing the power of paint and color, we aim to break down barriers, spark thought-provoking conversations, and mobilize communities. Our goal is not only to enhance the health and vitality of our environment but also to drive social change. With the unwavering support of AkzoNobel and our other partners, we are well on our way to creating South Africa’s most vibrant and colorful town,” says Bell. “I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to AkzoNobel for their incredible support and for sharing our vision of transforming walls into works of art. Through their supput, we empower our children to dream of a brighter, more colorful future”.

In a world where environmental issues often seem overwhelming, PAINT’s creative approach to this topic offers a ray of hope and inspiration. In PAINT, we draw inspiration to encourage change, foster connections, and create a brighter, more sustainable future for all.

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