Saturday, October 24, 2020

Africa to receive cheaper internet by 2024


After a research undertaken by Facebook, the American social media company announced that their investment in internet connectivity for Africa will increase the continent’s economy growth by $60 billion.

Facebook is investing in data centres, submarine cables and Wi-Fi infrastructure to enable more people in Sub-Saharan Africa to access the internet. Studies have shown that less people are connected to the internet in the Sub-Saharan.

Facebook has launched Wi-Fi services in seven countries and extended 3G coverage to four other parts of the world.

In a press release Facebook said: “The research by the Alliance Internet shows that on average across the African continent, 1GB of data accounted for 8% of average income at the end of 2018- compared to 2.7% in the Americas and 1.5% in Asia.”

“Facebook apps such as Instagram and WhatsApp are estimated to account for 20% of total internet traffic in the region,” continued Facebook.

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