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Adopt a child’s needs on World Adoption Day

One does not have to adopt a child to make a difference, but you can adopt his or her needs. This is the plea of Care Protect Invest South Africa on World Adoption Day (9 November).

According to the National Debt Advisors the cost of raising a child in South Africa is around R90 000 per annum.

“We acknowledge that this amount will directly be linked to your lifestyle and the age and needs of your child. But the reality is that raising children is not cheap and the cost of having a child will increase yearly until he or she becomes a self-sustainable adult,” says Dinah Bronkhorst, executive head of Care Protect Invest SA.

When one takes into account that the number of orphans in SA, according to the United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef), are an estimated four million, it amounts that billions of rand are required by social organisations and government to physically take care of these children; not even guaranteeing them a proper education and prosperous future.

“Our government currently offers a foster child grant of R1 050 per month per child in the event where an orphaned, abandoned, abused or neglected child are placed in your custody. The ball therefor is tossed in the court of the extended family, social welfare organisations or kind-hearted people to fulfil in the rest of their needs,” Bronkhorst explains.

To mobilise the public to get involved in supporting orphaned and neglected children, Care Protect Invest SA has recently launched an online shop where individuals can buy specific products for underprivileged children at their facility in Rawsonville and kids residing at their foster care homes.

“We’ve identify that people who give sometimes want to fulfil a specific need. Care Protect Invest SA therefor came up with a brilliant plan to offer donors a shopping experience with a meaningful purpose,” she says.

According to her the process is extremely easy; you do not even have to register:
Browse, shop and checkout on their website.
Fill in your details so that you can be notified when the hand-out takes place.
We will share the happiness on our social media.
Care Protect Invest SA runs numerous sustainable programmes and projects addressing the social and physical needs of children countrywide. The holistic approach of their unique foster care model — offering them a stable home and a fighting chance in life — pioneers how broken children can be healed and shaped for the outside world. The non-profit organisation however cannot operate without funding and public engagement.

To learn how to get involved you can visit their website, contact them 0121118352 or send your suggestions to

“If you cannot donate your time, products or money, you can still show your support for our worthy cause tomorrow by drawing a smiley face on your hand and posting it on social media using #WorldAdoptionDay,” Bronkhorst says.

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