Tuesday, October 20, 2020
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AAA launches The Ad Room to identify scholars with a passion for marketing and advertising


Talented scholars are being challenged by AAA to demonstrate their potential to become game-changers in the advertising and marketing world.

AAA has designed a programme, called The AAA Ad Room, that gives a unique opportunity to high school learners to unlock and prove their talents and potential. Through this initiative, three talented students will be awarded full academic bursaries each valued at more than R255 000.

The Ad Room is a platform developed by AAA School of Advertising to identify talented, passionate students that think differently. It is about giving learners an opportunity to study at a prestigious institution- AAA. The Ad Room aims to challenge grade elevens and matriculants to break through their set thinking patterns, investigate different scenarios and express their own creative or strategic ideas to reach a level of creative thinking worthy of winning a AAA bursary. Their aim is also to give the participants insight into the wider advertising industry and the career opportunities within.

They are looking for 3 categories of talented youngsters:

  • those who are visually talented and think in pictures. They probably have Art as a school subject, like to draw and would like to pursue a career in Art direction, Graphic design, Digital design etc. They will study the AAA BA in Creative Brand Communication
  • those who are skilled with words, are passionate readers, love languages and are verbal thinkers. They will study the BA Creative Brand Communication with specialisation in Copywriting
  • those who are intrigued by business, the economy, what makes brands successful and those who believe they can think strategically. These scholars will study the AAA BA in Marketing Communication.

They intend to find these students by opening up three Ad Room challenges to them. They launch in July with the AAA Imagination Challenge that calls for learners to place themselves in the Roaring 1920s. An exciting era of change and progress. The second challenge will be launched In September and the final one in November 2020.

To find out more about the Ad Room click here or email Ad Room.

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