Wednesday, November 25, 2020
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A Scania truck service that costs less than the average bakkie service


As business looks to recover from the effects of the nationwide lockdown that has negatively affected many company’s revenue streams, Scania South Africa is offering support to its customers with discounted Fixed Maintenance Packages specifically for older trucks that may require servicing more frequently.

“Our business is run on a foundation of sustainability”, says Nomonde Kweyi, Scania General Manager, Marketing & Communications, South Africa. “In these challenging times, where demand and volumes have dropped by up to 30% across the logistics sector, Scania South Africa is putting support behind our customer’s business recovery efforts by providing cost efficient packages across our product portfolio”.

During the nationwide lockdown, many businesses ability to trade was impacted and this has affected liquidity across the transport sector. With constrained cash flow and a critical focus on cost optimization, Scania has tailored specific maintenance plans for trucks 4-years or older, to meet individual business needs, ensuring maximum ability to plan financially, while increasing productivity and decreasing disruptions to daily operations. Trucks out of warranty will now enjoy a 12-month warranty covering selected parts. Accelerated parts availability is also a priority with parts available in 24 hours across the Scania Retail Network. “Many businesses have suffered supply chain deviations as the lockdown has put suppliers under pressure and made importing parts difficult,” explains Kweyi. “The strength of our global logistics network has allowed us to continue to supply parts to our customers, ensuring that the productivity of their fleet is minimally affected.” Rapid delivery means parts are available overnight, to ensure minimum disruption to transport schedules and delivery contracts.

“Our top priority is partnering with our customers,” explains Alan Hugo, General Manager of Services. “We don’t follow the traditional supplier/customer relationship. We go out of our way to understand their businesses and develop solutions that offer them real value. By delivering on this, our customers feel the Scania ‘experience’ and become part of the Scania family. We are sensitive to their challenges and are committed to developing new solutions that promote real business sustainability.”

Taking into account that during the lifecycle of a truck, the value changes, Scania has concentrated on offering competitive price points across their Fixed Maintenance Packages. With up to 30% discounts offered, these packages are cost efficient. To ensure a valid comparison was offered, Scania consulted the AA Kinsey report 2019, which investigates the average cost of vehicle services in South Africa. Comparing the Scania service packages to the average cost of servicing a double cab, it was found that the entry-level Scania Fixed Maintenance Service Package, was more cost-effective than the average bakkie service.

“Our customers are our top priority”, says Kweyi. “Now more than ever we must offer them the very best cost efficiencies possible. A Scania service that costs less than the average bakkie service goes a long way in contributing to lower operational costs.”

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