Monday, January 18, 2021
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67 minutes with Johnson’s Baby Healthy Skin team at Sinothando Day Care


Mandela Day- the 18th of July-  is more than just an occasion. It is a celebration of the legacy of Madiba, a chance for us all to honour his life and the cause for which he spent it, an opportunity to look back on the struggle of our nation with pride and look forward to the bright future with optimism and hope. On the 18th of July, we join hands in memoriam to better ourselves and our country, and to carry on Nelson Mandela’s legacy.

The Johnson’s Baby Healthy Skin Project team spent their 67 minutes for Mandela cleaning up Sinothando Day Care in Diepsloot. The team also prepared a warm meal for the children and gifted the Day care with books, educational posters, chairs, toys and Johnson’s Baby products. Please see attached image.

The Johnson’s Baby Healthy Skin Project is an education and aid initiative that aims to provide quality affordable healthcare to communities in need in partnership with Unjani clinics. With its focus on effective skincare practices, the Johnson’s Baby Healthy Skin Project has changed the lives of millions of mothers and babies across the country.

The Johnson’s Baby Healthy Skin Project was launched in 2017 and is well on its way to reach over 3 million babies by 2020. The Johnson’s Baby Healthy Skin Project aims to achieve the following:

•             Give thousands of mothers and babies in need access to treatment through Unjani clinics;

•             Educate mothers about skin health for babies – through a mass awareness campaign that aims to improve overall health through better skin health for babies;

•             Strengthen health systems in vulnerable districts by investing in Unjani clinics, contributing to the establishment of new Unjani clinics and providing training and resources for Unjani nurses;

•             Work with dermatologists and healthcare influencers to educate parents on how to attain healthy skin for healthier babies;

•             Sponsor JOHNSON’S® Baby products and educational material to improve skin health for babies in need.

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