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Fry’s unites with Sea Shepherd for the love of the Ocean

Plant-based pioneers, and one of LIVEKINDLY Collective’s heritage brands, The Fry Family Food Co. has partnered with renowned marine conservationists Sea Shepherd to help them sustain our oceans.

The partnership will see around R150 000 donated to Sea Shepherd. The donation will come from the sales of the brand’s seafood range – including their plant-based Fish-Style Fillets and Battered Prawn Style Pieces. All global profits from these two products generated between May and October 2021 will go to supporting their marine conservation efforts worldwide.

“For someone that grew up in the ocean surfing every single day, and now as a professional triathlete I take huge pride what a privileged we have in keeping our oceans alive,” says Kyle Buckingham, Fry’s ambassador and wholly plant-based athlete. “With billions of people on this planet, we can all play such a huge part in keeping our oceans safe and not taking advantage feeding from our seas.”

Founded 30 years ago by Wally and Debbie Fry, the Fry Family Food Co., as part of LIVEKINDLY Collective, is on a mission to make plant-based eating the norm through quality, nutritious plant-based products.

Tammy Fry, Global Brand Lead for Fry’s and daughter of Wally and Debbie, says that the company’s commitment to producing kinder foods made the partnership with Sea Shepherd a perfect opportunity.

“We’ve been committed to helping families change the world from their kitchen table through plant-based food for 30 years. The work that Sea Shepherd does is critical in raising awareness and educating consumers as to the impact destructive fishing practises have on our oceans. We’re really chuffed that we can support their mission with our plant-based seafood. It’s a beautiful symbiosis” she says.

Fry’s has considered the human impact on the ocean for a number of years, and in 2019 decided to provide some relief to overfishing by launching a Fish-Style Fillet, a product that offers the taste, texture and versatility of a piece of battered fish. The idea came from the Fry family’s love for the ocean.

Tammy tells the story of her youngest son, an aspiring marine biologist, who at age five realised the boats he saw in the distance from the beach were fishing boats. “He is our most passionate ocean and animal lover and has been from a very young age. The realisation deeply saddened him and his plea to help us help him stop the fishing really hit home. So we decided as a family to create the Fish-Style Fillets – thus offering an alternative for people who loved the taste and texture of a piece of hake but who wanted to keep fish off their plates and in the oceans.”

“We hope that by offering delicious, versatile plant-based alternatives, we are encouraging families to have conversations around their kitchen tables about the impact their food choices have, and about the power of simple changes once or twice a week.”

Tammy adds that it is important for consumers to be informed about where and how their seafood is sourced.

“Educating ourselves is so important. We need to be asking the difficult questions, finding the answers and holding ourselves and our food systems accountable. Reducing fish consumption, or ensuring we know more about where it comes from, can make a world of difference. I do appreciate that in many places fish is a necessary food source, but for many others worldwide, we do have a choice,” she said.

“The ocean, which makes up around 71%1 of the Earth’s mass is under threat due to overfishing, pollution, species extinction, habitat destruction, and climate change. As humans, we need the ocean; for among other reasons, it’s said to produce more oxygen2 than the world’s forests. We cannot under estimate her benefits.”

Sea Shepherd’s Managing Director in Australia, Jeff Hansen, welcomed the partnership with Fry’s.

“Our mission continues to be to defend, conserve and protect our ocean and all marine wildlife, and given most of the air we breathe comes from our ocean; ultimately our work benefits all humanity,“ said Jeff.

“This incredible support from Fry’s will allow us to continue our effective work on the frontline tackling the key threats our oceans face, while raising awareness and encouraging the greater population to consider their individual impact on the ocean, including the consumption of marine wildlife.”

Find Fry’s Fish-Style Fillets in the frozen section of select retailers nationwide or online through Pick n Pay and Checkers.

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