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NGO Girls Pride helps teen mothers get back on their feet

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Girls Pride Africa is an NGO based in Masiphumelele which works closely with teen mothers helping them regain their pride, helping them get back on their feet by assisting them in completing their studies and finding a job.

Founder at Girls Pride Africa, Lolah Mupotaringa, says some of these young mothers give up on life and take on a life of drugs and substance abuse.

Mupotaringa mentioned some of their success stories since the inception of the NGO.

We have a young mom who lost her mother and was looking after her younger brother and her daughter. She was at a point of turning to alcohol and drugs but when we intervened, she turned her life around. She is currently working and will be going back to school.

Lolah Mupotaringa, Founder at Girls Pride Africa

We also have two young mothers who are back in school, they are both re-doing their Grade 12…

Lolah Mupotaringa, Founder at Girls Pride Africa

We don’t have much resources but we are pushing hard that other girls in the organisation could get the same help as others.

Lolah Mupotaringa, Founder at Girls Pride Africa

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