In an effort to boost local tourism and to create a culture of travel in the country SA Tourism, the Department of Economic Development and Tourism in Mpumalanga and the South African Ministry of Tourism has chosen  Mpumalanga  as the perfect destination for Tourism Month 2017. The launch aims to  showcase the diverse and unbelievable beauty to be found in the province.

The #Wedotourism campaign embraces the number of opportunities that will  not only boost domestic travel for economic development in Mpumalanga but will work to become inclusive of the youth and women who work within the sector locally.

A significant amount of South Africa’s annual revenue comes from the tourism sector. The industry also maintains a number of jobs in the country. In 2016 alone over R26 billion was generated from  domestic travel in South Africa.

The  launch seeks to encourage the idea that traveling locally is not only easy but that it is also much closer in proximity , that South Africa has diverse number of  travel experiences and choosing to  travel local will in turn ensure the sustainability of the tourism industry.

Speaking at the Tourism Month media launch in Mpumalanga Wednesday evening, Minister of Tourism Tokozile Xasa  said

“Tourism is a market that we can still tap into and grow from an investment perspective but also through the wealth of our diverse cultures. As we begin our tourism month preparations , we will get the chance to chant positive stories about our country. We also hope to identify the drivers of the industries and support them.”

South Africa has an international reputation for its picturesque natural landscapes , game reserves, diverse cultural heritage , highly regarded wines and a wide variety of beaches and coastlines. Mpumalanga is renowned for its wildlife , overwhelming scenic views, cultural representation and unmatched adventure areas that work to excite all those who will explore the region.

” If we can ensure that our people travel within their own country we can show off the very best services that exist in the country, as well as the world class quality of our products and services . Once our people find new appreciation of their own country they can uplift their country by they leaving a lasting  financial footprint.”

concluded the Minister.






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