Engen learnership programme tackles unemployment

With the unemployment rate at an all time low ,Engen has embarked on a series of  learnership campaigns to help change the lives of youths in South Africa. The learnerships are offered to unemployed youth who seek technical on-the-job experience. Research shows that people learn better, when they are able to practice what they have been taught in the classroom in a real workplace environment.

Furthermore , Engen has committed to securing employment for those who commit and complete their learnerships in the company or within the broader petroleum industry.

“In this way, the introduction of learnerships is making a good contribution towards solving the skills shortage in the industry,” says Mmalenyalo Galane, Skills Development Facilitator at Engen.

Galane says the learnerships offered by Engen form part of a nationally recognised qualification and are directly linked to an occupation.

“A learnership does not only teach skills for a particular job when you complete your training, it also forms part of a higher qualification towards which you can study by undertaking other learnerships or short courses.” Galane adds.

Chemical Operations, Professional Driving, and Production Technology, as well as various trade occupation apprenticeships such as diesel mechanic, fitter and turner, instruments and electrical are the the sectors in which certificates can be attained. In addition , the 12-month learnerships will pay a monthly stipend to successful candidates.

Engen also funds bursaries for students studying Engineering and Finance-related degrees, with the aim of creating a pipeline of talent for the Engen Graduate Development Programme.

“In all these ways, Engen is surely doing its part in helping reduce the country’s high unemployment rate by developing the unemployed Youth and further upskilling them on the job,” says Mareka.

If you are interested ,you can email their CV’s to Learnerships@engenoil.com and to check for available learnership opportunities on the company web site. (www.engen.co.za).

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