CPT school staffer accused of sexual misconduct still at work

A staff member at a Cape Town school, accused of sexual misconduct, is still at work.

Last week allegations of impropriety were made against the man, who is employed by Fairmount Secondary School in Grassy Park.

But pictures have been circulated on social media, showing the man with various girls who seem to be learners.

The Western Cape Education Department’s spokesperson Paddy Attwell spoke to Kieno Kammies on Wednesday.

We do view allegations of sexual misconduct in a very serious light and we do investigate immediately. If you look at our records with South African Council of Educators you can see the rigor we apply to these cases.

Paddy Atwell, Spokesperson, WC Education Department

We suspend with precautionary measures so that the suspect doesn’t interfere with with investigations or place children in risk and we have to have clear evidence before we can do that.

Paddy Atwell, Spokesperson, WC Education Department

Attwell says the investigations into the allegations will be completed on Wednesday afternoon and a decision made by the Human Resources department.

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