Commission confident its finding will see cut in school uniform prices

The Competition Commission wants exclusive contracts over the provision of school uniforms to be scrapped.

In late 2016, the commission launched a probe into the high cost of uniforms.

It stemmed from a string of complaints over exclusive contracts many schools have with some suppliers.

It is a perennial bugbear for most parents – the exorbitant cost of having to kit your children out for school.

But this could change following an extensive investigation by the Competition Commission.

The commission has found that many schools had entered into exclusive agreements with certain uniform suppliers. This gave them the exclusive right to sell uniforms to those schools.

The earliest contract was inked in the early 1970s.

Nearly 1,600 hundred schools and over 280 governing bodies were part of the probe.

The commission is confident that its findings will pressure suppliers to either stabilise prices or cut the cost of uniforms.

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