Decorex 2017-Make your space your living dream

Outdoor, indoor and food decor was the main scene of events at 2017 Decorex Expo held at Gallagher estate the 11th of August 2017. Decor has resounding and innumerable effects on us humans as social beings. Decor influences culture, inspiration and most paramount our emotions instantly as we awaken in the morning.

In an interview session with Social-TV, Sandra Jardim who serves as the Group head of PR and marketing for Decorex 2017 said ‘Our main theme for this year was Make your space your living home”, and as part of Decorex 2017 our mandate was that we give back to our customers by way of according them the chance to exhibit their products to the local market.’

In its 24 year history, Decorex 2017 was bigger and better engulfing all seven halls of the monstrous Gallagher estate, showcasing premier decor suited for the African home. Ranging from architecture, fashion, food and art, the expo had all the constituents of making everyone’s space their living home.


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